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The Best Trip Yet: Hunting Moose in Newfoundland - Part One: Preparation

Central Newfoundland, near Buchans.      "He's goofy-horned, are you sure you want him?" whispered Fred Thorne, owner of Red Indian Lake Outfitters in central Newfoundland.  I assured him I did. I wanted nothing else at the moment. About 260 yards from us in a patch of trees stood a magnificent bull moose, facing in our direction. He wasn't a giant, but he was probably pushing 900-1000 lbs. His right antler sported 4 long tines, and his left antler was noticeably absent, likely broken off in a fight with another moose.  It was our last day hunting, and we had yet to take a moose, despite some close calls. I steadied my rifle in the shooting sticks, and put the cross hairs on the brisket.       "I'm gonna get him to turn then." Fred told me, before cupping his hands and making a long, nasally, drawn out call that mimics a female moose.  The bull started to turn, but something about his body language hinted to me that he was about to bolt, and if he went m

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