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Garden State Geese

New Jersey. The pretty part, without the factories.    For my readers who don't know New Jersey very well, great hunting and fishing may not be the first thoughts that spring to mind when you think of the Garden State. I'm betting that pollution, traffic, and spray-tanned reality TV show stars come to mind much sooner. But if you look past Jersey's reputation, you'll find that there are very good opportunities to pursue all manner of wild game and fish. In fact, the largest buck I've ever laid eyes on was a in New Jersey, not an hour's drive from my apartment.          One morning i n late September, I found myself sitting in my car in the parking lot of a rural tavern in Central New Jersey. I was meeting Brian Goff, a hunting guide and owner of Flight Cancelled Outfitters , and a handful of other hunters. This was only my second time hunting geese. Previously I'd hunted them out in Eastern Long Island, but this was my first time going after them in New Jers

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