My name is Ryan Monaghan. I live in New York City with my fiancĂ©, Patrick, and our bird dog, Lincoln. While New York is my home base, my happy place is afield in the mountains and on the rivers chasing wild game and fish. I love to hunt, fish, and cook just about everything there is to go after, from deer and turkey to trout and panfish, and everything in between.

Me and my trusty hunting buddy, Lincoln, taking a break from chasing grouse Upstate.

    This blog is going to be all about my adventures escaping the city to hunt and fish, as well as the wild game meals I cook back at home from my harvests. It's profoundly gratifying to hunt, fish, and harvest your food from the wild, and the wilderness is a lot easier to access from New York than a lot of people realize. My simple goal is to share my experiences with others, and to inspire people to get outside and experience the thrill of hunting and fishing for themselves. 


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