Turkey Hunting During Covid-19

    In late March this year, as Covid-19 was rearing its ugly head in the city, my boyfriend and I found ourselves weighing out our options. Little was known in March about exactly how the virus spread, and as everyone began to lockdown, New York was starting to resemble a ghost-town. We had both been working from home and likely would continue for the foreseeable future, so we decided we'd pack up our dog and head to my parents' cabin in New Hampshire until things settled down in the city a bit. 

    Work had slowed to a halt for me, but on the bright side, I was out in the countryside and turkey hunting season was fast approaching! 

    By the time opening day came, I had scouted a few prime areas to hunt turkeys, and secured permissions to hunt the land. My parents had returned to New Hampshire from their preferred wintering habitat of Florida, so my dad joined me and we hunted together. It was a fantastic morning, we each killed a Jake (a younger, male turkey) and I cooked some delicious dishes from the birds. I wrote all about the experience for Modern Carnivore, which is a fantastic website focused on eating meat responsibly. It is a great resource for those who are looking to learn more about hunting, and in fact, I knew very little about turkey hunting leading up to this past season, but I participated in the free turkey hunting webinars that Modern Carnivore put on, and my first season was a great success.

Click on the image below to read the story, and let me know what you think! And be sure to check out all that Modern Carnivore has to offer!


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